CVital reveals the incredible power of active antioxidant ingredients, including pure and stable vitamin C, in the fight against premature ageing. Say goodbye to lacklustre, dull and damaged skin and hello to a glowing complexion with CVital!


Do you know what free radicals (ROS) are? They’re chemical, molecular and reactive species. They’re characterised by having unpaired electrons in their orbitals, and therefore, they tend to regain equilibrium by capturing electrons from other molecules in the environment. In the case of our body, this leads to cell oxidation, which causes various changes in their functioning.

ROS are generated by natural metabolic processes in our body, such as respiration, but also by exogenous factors, such as sun exposure, bad eating habits, tobacco and alcohol, etc. When there are too many free radicals in our body, our antioxidant defence systems can’t neutralise them, and this leads to oxidative stress.

The effects of oxidative stress on skin are often outwardly visible, as it impacts collagen and elastin, decreases the skin’s ability to retain hydration, alters sweat and sebum secretion and oxidises lipids in the skin’s protective barrier, among other consequences.

The result is dry, dull or greyish skin that’s lacklustre, fragile and more prone to the appearance of wrinkles.

The CVital line was the first treatment launched in Europe formulated with pure and topical Vitamin C, and was developed with the aim of responding to this problem. And it more than succeeds, as it offers visible results after a few days of use. Thanks to the ROS-neutralising capacities of our special antioxidant formulation, it restores, revitalises and protects your skin from the first application.



If there’s one thing we’re most proud of at Atache, it’s being the pioneers in introducing Pure and stabilised Vitamin C in cosmetic products throughout Europe (visit the ‘history’ section to learn more). Given our experience, the CVital range guarantees, thanks to its elegant formulation, the best action of pure Vitamin C in the fight against cellular oxidation and signs of ageing.

In addition, CVital boasts a complex formulation that enhances its antioxidant power. Pure Vitamin C, being water soluble, acts inside the cell. Vitamin E, which is fat soluble, acts on the cell membrane. And water-soluble lipoic acid, in addition to acting in both areas, drags vitamins deeper, encouraging them to act in the innermost layers of the skin, and also regenerates them, thus prolonging their action.

The result is a global antioxidant effect that revitalises, nourishes, repairs and protects the skin, reversing and delaying the first signs of ageing.

In addition, it’s an essential line that can be combined with other anti-ageing, anti-blemish and hydration routines, enhancing their action to keep the skin nourished and protected while fighting loss of skin elasticity or deep wrinkles.



Revitalise and nourish your skin like never before thanks to its potent antioxidant power. Makes your skin appear more radiant, plumper and more youthful after just a few applications. Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth to the touch.


Provides and reinforces the skin’s natural protection against cellular oxidation. Restores skin health and prevents the appearance of new changes caused by ROS. It collaborates with the vital functions that guarantee optimal skin health, such as collagen production, and makes it stronger and more resistant to external aggressors.


Thanks to its ROS-neutralising action, it reverses oxidative stress in skin cells, delaying the appearance of signs of ageing produced by them. It also reverses damage caused by excessive sun exposure and improves skin blemishes. It also works to lessen the appearance of expression lines.


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Multivitamin Eye Contour

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Day and night, Adaptable
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