Function Probiotics

Do you know the function of probiotics on the skin?

New concepts about cosmetics and skin care appear frequently. Have you heard of probiotics? This word is probably one of those that already sounds familiar to you, but you may want to know more. If so, in Atache we will tell you the function of probiotics.

When we’re born, a multitude of “good” bacteria colonise our skin. Each person has different microbiota and its function is to strengthen our immune system and defend us. If it is  weakened, not only does it affect ageing, but it also affects our health.

Probiotics are microorganisms that maintain and/or improve the microbiota and, therefore, the functions they are involved in.

The passage of time and the damage caused by external and internal factors affect our cells, making them increasingly “clumsy” when it comes to doing “their job”. In the case of the skin, cells lose their structural quality, they reproduce more slowly, intercell spaces are created and these weaken the barrier function, etc. Therefore, the function of probiotics is to restore the microbiota of our skin.

Pro Blast System, new ingredient in Blast C Antioxidant Cream (C Vital line), is made with a cocktail of probiotics that enhance the skin’s natural ability to renew itself quickly and effectively, accelerating and improving the skin’s natural renewal and regeneration process.

Also provides proteins and essential enzymes that improve cell cohesion to increase the barrier effect, protect the skin and prevent transepidermal water loss. Strengthens the skin’s microbiota, increasing and recovering the protective power of the acid mantle (accelerated recovery of the wealth of species).

For all these reasons, Blast C Antioxidiant Cream from C Vital with its contribution of Pro Blast System helps to restore and improve the microbiota, allowing the cell membrane to recover and maintain its quality and efficiency.

This is just one of the many reasons you will want to try it. Do not miss the next articles where we will discover more about this fabulous cream or visit us on our social network @atache_es


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