The formulation of the Excellence line is inspired by recent discoveries in scientific cosmetics on the use of telomerase activators to prolong the youth of skin cells and delay ageing.  Its powerful selection of active ingredients is therefore aimed at solving the original problem: cellular ageing.


Did you know that the cells of our body regenerate continuously? That’s right, when we are born, our cells are prepared to duplicate a certain number of times. Skin ageing, in particular, is directly related to the loss of cell duplication capacity, their inactivation (senescence) and their subsequent death.

The set of ordered events that gives rise to this phenomenon is called the “Cell Cycle” and basically consists of the growth of the cell and its division into two daughter cells.

The role of DNA in this process is vital, since it is the one that provides the genetic information necessary for it to occur. So, before cells divide, DNA must divide, giving rise to two identical molecules.

DNA is structured and organized into chromosomes. Telomeres are the ends of chromosomes, and their function is the structural stability of chromosomes, they also participate in cell division and cell life time.

As these divide, the telomeres shorten. This reduces the longevity of the cell and its functionality. In addition, over the years, we lose the ability to synthesize the structural components of our skin, such as collagen, elastin or hyaluronic acid, which causes a progressive loss of turgor, volume, elasticity and firmness.

The innovative concept of the Excellence line proposes the use of ingredients that act as promoters of the production of telomerase, the enzyme responsible for maintenance telomeres, with the intention of prolonging their life, thus delaying the ageing of our skin cells.

Thanks to this approach, the Excellence line stands as a global anti-ageing solution, since it focuses on attacking the problem at its biological origin.



Excellence’s special formulation is based on three concepts, which are intertwined, giving rise to a revolutionary line that attacks the problem of skin ageing in a focused, insistent and effective way.

The first of these is derived from the analysis of the problem: skin ageing. Recent scientific discoveries point to the fact that chronological ageing is closely related to the shortening of telomeres (which at some point signals cell death) and its consequent influence on the process of cell proliferation.

The second is the selection of active ingredients capable of interacting with this process, such as Scutellaira baicalensis, related to the activation of telomerase (involved in the synthesis of telomeres) and therefore with the delay of cellular senescence (period in which the cell remains inactive, without dividing, prior to its death).

The third, and no less important, is the ATACHE concept when formulating cosmetic products. Based on the knowledge that each skin is different, and therefore has diverse needs, all the brand’s formulas incorporate reinforcing active ingredients, used with the aim of creating synergies that guarantee the claimed result.

In the case of Excellence, a multitude of assets related to the cell regeneration process and the structural quality of the skin are incorporated, thus we find numerous ingredients aimed at stimulating skin renewal, collagen synthesis, asset uptake, water retention etc.

In this way, ATACHE succeeds in creating a unique line, designed from the outset to offer results, demonstrating both its own name, Excellence, and our brand claim “GET RESULTS”.



It has a rejuvenating and anti-ageing effect, thanks to its action on the skin’s renewal cycle through cell division. It restores youth to the cells, improving both their quality and the quality of their biological functions. Smoothes wrinkles and expression lines, restores smoothness and firmness to the skin, while moisturising and repairing it.


It protects the genetic information of the skin cells, allowing them to prolong their life and guaranteeing their correct functioning. In addition, it protects and fights against sun damage, cell oxidation and skin congestion. In this way, it preserves cellular health and therefore the quality and optimal condition of the skin.


It has a selection of active ingredients with a multitude of actions on the activation of collagen production and its preservation, for which it generously contributes to the solidification of the cutaneous mattress and therefore to the structural quality of the skin. Returns smoothness and turgor, the skin feels stronger and more resistant.



All skin types, Oily/acne prone skin, Dull skin, Ageing skin
All skin types
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All skin types, Ageing skin, Normal skin, Oily/acne prone skin, Dull skin
All skin types
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Todo tipo de piel
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