Layering, the Korean beauty ritual

You know that if you open a drawer in your bathroom, you will find more than 10 or 15 different products for facial care. And you know very well that you don’t use many of them… Either by impulse, by recommendation, or because you are concerned about many aspects of your skin, you have bought several specific serums and creams that eventually have not worked for you and you left them out in that drawer.

That’s why at Atache we want to make your life easier. Our products are formulated with combinations of synergistic ingredients, which enhance their action when applied together and are truly effective. Our beauty routines are simple and our philosophy is based on natural care inspired by Korean rituals.

One of these Asian routines is layering. If you don’t know it, pay attention, because it will help you to apply the necessary cosmetics correctly and you will be able to create your ideal routine in a few simple steps.

The layering or layer system consists of applying the products in layers depending on their density. You have to start with less dense products and end with heavy creams. This ensures that the different layers of product are efficiently absorbed into the skin.

  • STEP 1: Remove make-up

The Korean technique is committed to the use of vegetable oils to remove impurities and remove traces of make-up. Although the texture seems greasy at first, it is one of the most effective products for deep cleansing.

  • STEP 2: Cleanse

After this, it is essential to remove impurities, so it is recommended to cleanse the face  with cold water and a cleansing gel.

  • STEP 3: Apply the lotion

This stage helps prepare for the application of other care. Lotions help to minimize pores, purify the skin and illuminate it.

The key for this technique to be effective is not to apply more than 3 serums. Sequencing is also essential. Although in principle the rule is to apply the serum in order of concern, it is always important to take into account the texture.

That is why we will apply the lightest first, gently massaging the face and in rounds of 15 seconds each. This is one of the keys to the success of this Korean beauty discipline: each serum being completely absorbed before the application of the next.

Keep in mind that this area of ​​the face is the most delicate since the skin is especially thin and therefore requires a specific product.

The moisturiser is essential in any type of skin to protect us from external aggressions and to seal the treatment with the serum that we have chosen.

Although this is the last step of layering, for us it is the most important. Applying a high sun protection factor is essential and will help us protect the skin from solar radiation and its harmful effects on the oxidation and ageing of our cells.

Seen this way, it doesn’t seem so complicated, right? Now you can put it into practice and rescue some of the products from your drawer. And if you want to know which Atache cosmetics you can use in each step, check our “products” section, where you will find them ordered by their application. Create your layering routine with Atache and tell us your result at

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