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OILY SK, the best routine for oily skin

Having oily skin or acne-prone skin can be a concern for many men and women, not just teenagers. Dilated and sometimes clogged pores, excess shine and imperfections on the face are a big headache. Although not all are disadvantages, since sebum helps protect the skin from water loss and keeps it more hydrated.

If this is your case, you know that the ideal is to maintain a balance. From Atache we want to explain you what causes this excessive oil secretion and how to tackle it down with our products.

Oily skin is also known as thick skin. This is due to an accumulation of keratinocytes in the stratum corneum, known as “dead cells” that do not shed properly. Thus, a scaly layer of keratin is formed clogging the hair follicle.

This obstruction, plus the excessive sebum production of the hair glands, characteristic of this skin, cause an occlusion of oil that can become infected by the proliferation of bacteria. The result is usually an inflammation which manifests as a pustule or more commonly, pimples.

Knowing all this, there are four factors to tackle if we want to return the skin to health: curb excessive oil production, eliminate the accumulation of dead cells, prevent the colonization of bacteria and reduce inflammation.

The basis of the Oily SK formulation is based on these four pillars, with highly proven ingredients such as 100% natural white clay, allantoin or bisabolol. The combinations of plant extracts with astringent and keratolytic action will help you achieve a clean and matte look on your face.

Follow the step by step of OILY SK and discover how they will help you improve the condition of oily skin in all aspects:

  • Proper cleaning

It’s the main key. In order to eliminate excess sebum, we must cleanse the skin very well in the morning and at night. We recommend Cleansing Gel, a specific cleanser to remove keratin, regulate sebum production and stabilize bacterial flora. In addition to other agents such as mint and lemon that provide relief and freshness to your face.

  • Regular exfoliation

Both mechanical and chemical exfoliants help remove dead cells. It is essential you to perform an exfoliation once or twice a week. At Atache, we have Renewal Therapy, which deeply removes impurities and leaves the skin clean and fresh. You can also use the Exfoliating Scrub, which has macroparticles that help the shedding of cells of the corneum.

  • Purifying treatment

Another step that must be carried out weekly is the use of a mask that absorbs excess sebum. To do this, in Oily SK you can find the Purifying Mask, with an astringent and calming effect. On a daily basis, we propose Balancing Cream I, which in addition to its combination of extracts with a keratolytic and sebum-regulating effect, contains hypericum perforatum, a fern that speeds up skin recovery. This product is very convenient when inflamed blackheads have appeared and there is a risk of acne scarring.

  • Daily Hydration

Using a cream that provides the necessary hydration every day is another of the mandatory care that you must maintain. Always counteracting the excessive factors of oily skin to maintain skin balance. For this, we recommend Balancing Cream II, a very light, oil-free moisturiser that helps normalize the skin, delivering a matte and fresh look.

To be applied directly on pimples, with a convenient size and applicator, this transparent gel will help you to quickly reduce blemishes, thanks to its combination of astringent and comedolytic ingredients.

Finally, do not forget one of a fundamental care: Sunscreen! Use an oil-free and light-texture sunscreen. Follow these tips and tell us your results at @atache_es

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