Aqua Tonic

Makeup Removers / 200ML


Moisturising and decongesting toner that delivers intense hydration and nourishment to your skin. Its formula, made with natural plant-based active ingredients, is designed to give your skin that feeling of comfort it so badly needs after cleansing and balance its natural pH levels.

Aqua Tonic is excellent for removing impurities from your skin and for prepping it to improve treatment absorption. Its formulation is ideal for all skin types: oily, combination, normal and even sensitive skin.
It comes in a handy spray bottle so can you apply the right amount of product without wasting a drop.

All skin types
Facial Cleansing
Day and night



  • You need extra hydration after cleansing.
  • You want to regulate sebum and balance your skin.
  • You have dull skin and you want to revitalise it.
  • You want to prepare your skin to improve absorption of cream treatments.
  • This product isn’t just any toner, in fact, it will become a must-have in your skin care routine.

As we mentioned… It’s great for all skin types! Our skin suffers when we cleanse it on a daily basis, so applying a toner is an important step that shouldn’t be skipped in order to restore its natural balance.

A toner is not a make-up remover in itself, but it does help remove traces of dirt that your soap or cleansing foam hasn’t taken care of, in addition to removing bacteria and impurities. The Aqua Tonic formulation improves your skin’s flexibility and firmness and delivers the hydration and calm it needs.

So, it’s for you if…



Witch hazel extract is an active ingredient that has astringent, decongestant and healing properties and improves blood circulation. It’s an excellent ingredient for oily skin types thanks to its astringent properties, which act by eliminating excess oil and closing irritated pores.

Vegetable protein hydrolysate is an active ingredient that acts as a natural healing agent. It has amino acids in its structure that, when applied to the skin, form a mixture of protein and lipids that attract more water to hydrate and fill it.

Allantoin is a powerful natural healing agent and astringent that acts on your skin to calm and hydrate it. It also helps accelerate skin regeneration processes and makes your skin look smooth and healthy.

It’s time to refresh and purify your skin with Aqua Tonic. Its formulation does not contain alcohol and has plant active ingredients and other components that help eliminate toxins to make your skin look glowing and healthy. It’s suitable for all skin types, including sensitive. It’s an extraordinary toner that, as well as calming and caring for your skin, tones and regulates sebum secretion.


So simple! You can use Aqua Tonic as a final step in your cleansing routine or any time you feel like your skin needs extra freshness. Its convenient misting nozzle makes it incredibly easy to apply directly on your face.

First, cleanse your face with an effective facial cleanser. Check out the make-up remover below from the same Essentielle range.

Hold the bottle a few centimetres away from your face and mist about three times all over your face and neck. Once your skin is covered, pat gently into skin to improve absorption.

Can we tell you a trick to beat the summer heat? Keep your toner in the fridge and use it to hydrate your skin — it’s incredibly refreshing!

Recuerda realizar tu rutina de limpieza facial antes de aplicar el producto.