Serum / 30 ML


Glycolic Serum, of Excellence line, is a powerful anti-ageing serum with a peeling effect, formulated based on alpha, beta and polyhydroxy acids, which restores the skin’s luminosity, rejuvenates it and unifies its tone, among other actions.

Stands out for its incredible renewing effect on the skin, this serum, whose main ingredient is Glycolic Acid, stimulates the skin regeneration process, contributes to the elimination of dead cells and reduces imperfections.

In addition, thanks to the synergy of its active ingredients, it also acts on skin pigmentation and scars, lightening them and thus contributing to the unification of skin tone.

Glycolic Serum is also an incredible proposal for oily skin, since it helps reduce keratosis, cleanses in depth, purifies and participates in the regulation of sebum production.

In combination with Advance Repair Cream from the same line, Excellence, Glycolic Serum shows its best action, proving that GET RESULTS is not just a slogan.

In conclusion, it is a wonderful proposal, which allows the user to enjoy an almost professional treatment without leaving home.

All skin types



  • You have mature skin and you want to restore luminosity and reduce the signs of ageing.
  • You need to stimulate skin regeneration and remove dead cells from your face.
  • You have oily skin and want to reduce blemishes, cleanse deeply and regulate sebum production. .
  • You have blemishes and/or scars, and you want to soften them and unify the tone of your skin.
  • You want to prevent premature ageing.

Glycolic Serum is an irrefutable proposal, since, in addition to the multiple benefits it provides to the skin, it can be combined with creams and other types of serums, with the aim of improving its results. Because one of its actions is to promote the receptivity of the skin against the absorption of active ingredients, it allows the anti-ageing effect to be enhanced. It should be noted that, additionally, this product has a soul mate with which it offers its best effectiveness: Advance Repair Cream. Combined with the cream from the same line, this serum will certainly leave you speechless. We know that when you try it, it will become a “basic in your wardrobe”, especially if:



It is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) that is obtained from natural products such as sugar cane or grapes. It contributes to the cell regeneration process and breaks the connection of skin cells to accelerate their shedding. It stands out for its exfoliating power, but it also has many benefits on the skin such as the protection of structural proteins (collagen and elastin), the reduction of spots and scars and its ability to enhance moisturisers.

It is a Poly Hydroxy Acid (PHA) with great regenerating and renewing power, which stands out for its antioxidant and moisturising qualities, which restores its luminosity and elasticity to the skin. It contains a galactose molecule that contributes not only to improved absorption, but also to preventing transdermal water loss. It contributes to the plump appearance of the skin, since it also stimulates the synthesis of collagen. In addition, it is less irritating than other acids with similar functions, and it does not sting.

It is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), present in many foods, such as apples. It has great health benefits, so it is often found in food products or even in treatments such as oral care. On the skin, it stimulates its regeneration, reduces wrinkles and expression lines, softens the skin and even has protective actions against sun damage.

In this formula, it is associated with a protein macromolecule, derived from almonds, which reduces its absorption rate, enhancing its renewing action on the superficial layers of the skin.


As typical from ATACHE, Glycolic Serum has a formula in which it is committed to the synergy of its active ingredients. Formulated based on a combination of powerful hydroxy acids, but with the aim of being gentle to the skin. Thus, its use allows one of the most used cabin treatments to be used at home.


It is important that you bear in mind that as it is formulated based on acids and has a low pH, to guarantee its action, Glycolic Serum is a powerful product, to which your skin may need to get used to (as occurs with the high concentrations of Retinol or Vitamin C). If you have sensitive skin, you should start with a gradual application to ensure that your skin responds adequately to the treatment. On the other hand, this product is indicated for night use and it is important that you avoid exposing yourself to the sun with the product or traces of it still on your face.

Before applying any cosmetic product, an efficient facial cleansing should always be carried out first. At ATACHE we recommend, especially at night, the double Korean make-up removal (you can visit our Essentielle line, specially formulated for this purpose).

Apply Glycolic Serum 1 or 2 times a week, creating a thin layer on the face. Let it act for 10 minutes. Subsequently rinse with water, a damp towel or sponges, gently. If you have oily and/or thick skin and your skin asks for more action, you can leave the product on overnight and remove it the next morning (don’t forget that first you have to make sure little by little that your skin is not sensitive to the product or allow it to get used to it before prolonging its use).

At ATACHE we recommend the use of this product in combination with Advanced Repair Cream, from the same line, since the anti-ageing power of this combination is exceptional. In addition, you can also use Glycolic Serum to enhance the effect of other cosmetic products, since it increases the receptivity of the skin.

Recuerda realizar tu rutina de limpieza facial antes de aplicar el producto.