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Lift Therapy Solution is the cream you are looking for if your concern is the loss of firmness and turgidity or, what is the same, facial flaccidity. Thanks to an incredible combination of powerful tightening, firming, moisturising and volumizing active ingredients, the results offered by Solution are significant and noticeable after a few days of application.

With a soft and fluid texture, this cream visibly restores comfort and smoothness to the face, while working on the structure of the dermis and muscle contraction. So it offers a very efficient anti-ageing solution.

Its ingredients, Acetyl Octapeptide-3 ( TensorPeP 3 ) and Walglerin mimetic Tripeptide (SnakePeP 8), enhance each other to fulfill the task of relaxing facial expression. In fact, the second is known as the cosmetic alternative to botulinum toxin.

Solution, includes in a single product the tightening power of the eye contour and the firming power of the day cream from the same line, increasing its concentrations, and becoming an ideal proposal for more demanding skin.

All skin types
Day and night



  • Mature skin that needs a powerful solution against loss of firmness.
  • Any type of skin that wants to avoid sagging skin.
  • Very expressive people who need a product that treats their muscular contraction.
  • People who already use Lift Therapy want to enhance its effects.
  • Skins undergoing antioxidant or anti-wrinkle treatment, which in turn need to preserve the turgor of the face.
  • Brittle and thin skin that wants to reinforce its dermal cushion while providing deep hydration.

The entire Lift Therapy line is a truly effective solution against the loss of firmness, smoothness and skin tension, optimal for any skin type, as its textures and absorptions stand out on both dry and oily skin. However, Solution is especially indicated for mature skin that requires a more incisive solution. This cream brings together the advantages offered by other products in the line, increasing the power of the entire treatment proposed by Lift Therapy. It is a product especially indicated for…



This ingredient acts against wrinkles and expression lines, attenuating muscle contraction and relaxing it, being a topical alternative to Botulinum toxin injections. Reduces the depth of wrinkles on the face produced by the contraction of the muscles of facial expression and prevents them from deepening. Its effect is especially significant on the forehead and around the eyes.

Active ingredient with great firming and tightening power, significantly effective in reducing expression lines and wrinkles. It acts as a muscle relaxant through reversible neuromuscular blockade. It imitates the action of the viper’s venom from the Penang Island Temple in Malaysia, thus contributing to the imitation of the Botulinum toxin effect. In addition, it has regenerative, protective and healing actions.

Active ingredient of natural origin with a high content of alkylamides, with the capacity to activate fibroblasts, which stimulates the synthesis of the skin’s structural proteins: collagen and elastin. By reinforcing the structure of the dermis, it helps to slow down its deterioration process and, therefore, to prevent loss of firmness and turgor.


We can affirm that Solution is an anti-aging proposal, as well thought out as it is executed. Skin flaccidity, as well as the appearance of visible signs of ageing, are closely related to the loss of skin density and water retention capacity, but also to muscle contraction. That’s right, how this cream aims to solve the problem from all points of view, incorporating active ingredients that work together to guarantee visible results on different skin types.


Solution is a very complete product in itself, showing excellent firming results, which are especially enhanced in combination with the products in its line, Lift Therapy. In addition, its soft, fast-absorbing texture makes this cream an incredible wildcard to combine with serums and creams formulated for complementary purposes, such as the reduction of wrinkles with Retinol. Remember that each skin is different and your mission is to understand the needs of your skin, to combine cosmetic products in the most efficient way for it.

Before applying any cosmetic product, do not forget to carry out your facial cleansing routine. Also, in the case of Solution, if you want to enhance its effects, we recommend first using the serum from the same line, Sublime Lift Night, letting it absorb and proceeding to apply the cream.

Spread the product evenly over your face, neck and décolletage with a gentle massage until completely absorbed. You can use a spatula to obtain the necessary amount of product.

Solution is a very powerful product on its own, which you can combine with other types of treatments for an even more visible effect. For example, with Biological Triple Antioxidant Night Protector from CVITAL or Serum2 from Vital Age.