Reinventing your skin.


Dermic + is a line for exclusively professional use, whose global concept is based on the stimulation of skin regeneration. This line proposes a combination of acids and retinol, which is adapted through the formulation of the different products so that, in addition to ensure skin renewal, it solves other specific needs thereof.

The main component of this line is its chemical peels, presented in three formats: anti-aging peel, anti-acne peel and depigmenting peel. These products are indicated both for use on facial and body skin, being able to shift their effects to less conventional areas.

The latest generation Dermic+ chemical peels act on the stratum corneum, stratum granulosum and stratum basale. Also, thanks to its combined use with Retinol, stimulates the generation of structural proteins and hyaluronic acid.

Thus, to complement its action, the line incorporates a sealer formulated based on pure free and liposomal Retinol, Intensifier Supreme, which, thanks to the nanotechnology used in its creation, has a formula of great stability, and a deep and balanced penetration of its active ingredients.

Thus, Dermic + is a versatile line, which can be combined with other facial care treatments, which by itself offers the skin multiple benefits, such as: deep cleansing, astringency, mattifying, reduction of photodamage, etc.



Chemical peels are performed mainly to improve the appearance of the skin, restore its luminosity, rejuvenate it, unify its tone and even regulate sebum secretion. As a treatment, we can use the Dermic + line independently: anti-aging peel, depigmenting peel or purifying peel. We can also use the products of this line in a complementary way to other cabin treatments, with which we will enhance their results, since Dermic + not only prepares the skin for a better reception of active ingredients, but also lays the first foundations for subsequent treatments according to the selected product: Corrective peel, Lightening peel or Purifying peel.

Meanwhile, Intensifier Supreme can also be combined with products for home use, enhancing its action and prolonging the effects of cabin treatments.

Therefore, we will use Dermic +:

  • When we want to perform a chemical peel.
  • As a previous step to the application of cabin treatments, in order to enhance their results.
  • As a lightener in cases of facial pigmentation.
  • To resolve skin irregularities such as blemishes, acne, etc.
  • To reduce the visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles and expression lines.
  • To fight against loss of elasticity and firmness.
  • To treat erosions such as scars, acne marks, etc.
  • To reduce the effects of excessive sun exposure.