Are you worried about loss of skin elasticity? This is one of the main factors that causes your face to look older, which is why the Lift Therapy line combines an effective combination of advanced firming active ingredients so you can kiss sagging, deflated skin goodbye.


Over time, your skin goes through changes in its biochemical and structural parameters that lead to visible signs of skin ageing, among other consequences.

Sagging skin can be caused by several factors, including genetics, such as stress, excessive sun exposure, over-tiredness, poor eating habits or even pregnancy.

These factors affect the skin in various ways, leading to loss of firmness and elasticity.

To understand the ageing process a little better, let’s first discuss how many layers the skin has and what effect it has on them:

  • Epidermis, the outermost layer, the one we can see and touch, protects us from external aggressors and temperature variations, etc.
  • Dermis, the middle layer, where all the active metabolic processes take place, has a large amount of collagen and elastin fibres, which are arranged in a parallel structure and give the skin its characteristic consistency and elasticity. This layer is where sweat glands, hair follicles and a large number of blood vessels are found.
  • The hypodermis or subcutaneous tissue has a structural function with lymphatic vessels, accumulation of body fat, etc.

In the dermis, the middle layer of the skin, the proteins that are necessary to maintain its firmness decrease. Collagen and elastin, which are responsible for keeping the skin taut and elastic, begin to degrade and/or decompose, impacting the dermis’ structural quality, as it loses its ability to keep the tissue firm.

In the epidermis, the decrease in hyaluronic acid production (which is reduced by half after you turn 40) impact’s the skin’s natural hydration levels, seriously affecting facial volume and contributing to loss of elasticity, flexibility and firmness, as well as making it feel dry and rough to the touch.

In addition, and very importantly, muscular movements in the face significantly accentuate the passage of time, as when the skin’s structure is weakened, it exponentially increases the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles.

Lift Therapy was developed with the aim to provide a solution to this skin concern, presenting a combination of ingredients that target each one of these conditions, improving sagging skin by addressing its underlying causes.



As you can see, loss of skin firmness is caused by a combination of phenomena that happen at different levels. Atache’s goal for Lift Therapy was to address all these phenomena by incorporating active ingredients that intervene in the different situations that lead to visible ageing of the face due to loss of firmness.

As such, we’ve used a powerful combination of tensor peptides that act on muscle contraction, thanks to their effects that are similar to botulinum toxin and snake venom. They have a dual action: on the one hand, they relax the muscle, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and offering instant visible results. And on the other hand, they prevent the appearance of expression lines and stop existing ones getting worse.

We’ve also drawn on the combined action of active ingredients such as Spilanthes acmella flower extract, soy isoflavones and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid to protect and stimulate collagen and elastin production. The result is a reinforced dermal structure, which is responsible for supporting the epidermis and is therefore a main factor in the skin’s firmness.

Lastly, active ingredients such as Vitamin B3 and high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid act on the outermost layer of the skin layer (the epidermis), helping it retain water, which is what gives the skin volume and provides it with elasticity, smoothness and softness.



Lift Therapy’s strategic combination of active ingredients makes it an excellent line for skin firming, as it stimulates and protects collagen and elastin production, which are mainly responsible for providing structural support to the dermis.


The products in this line offer an instant anti-wrinkle effect thanks to their tightening peptides. These peptides relax muscle contraction, without paralysing it, improving the appearance of wrinkles and preventing them from getting worse. Hyaluronic acid works to fill in lines and wrinkles, enhancing the effect achieved by the peptides.


The joint action of ingredients aimed at maintaining the skin’s moisture levels and reinforcing its ability to capture water gives the epidermis elasticity, regenerative capacity and a rejuvenated appearance. It also relieves dry skin and makes your face feel significantly smoother and softer.


Sublime Lift Night

All skin types, Sagging skin, Dry skin, Normal skin, Oily/acne prone skin
All skin types
Night, Day, Day and night
FIRMING SERUM WITH A LIFTING EFFECT Firming night serum with a lifting, plumping and moisturising effect. Sublime Lift Night from…
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Force Lift Day SPF20

All skin types, Sagging skin
All skin types
Firming, Moisturising
FIRMING DAY CREAM WITH SUNSCREEN Firming moisturising cream for skin with signs of flaccidity or dehydration due to ageing. Force…
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Intensive Lift Contour

All skin types, Sagging skin
All skin types
Day and night, Adaptable
Day and night
EYE AND LIP CREAM A lifting eye and lip treatment to restore firmness and smoothness in these delicate areas. Its…
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