Global anti-ageing bio-repair program.


The EXCELLENCE global anti-ageing treatment is designed to meet the most demanding needs of mature skin. Its powerful formula is based on high concentrations of innovative active ingredients, which are combined with each other and act against skin ageing through different mechanisms.

At a deep level, it acts by delaying the ageing of skin cells and in the recovery of the proper functioning of fibroblasts.

Protects and repairs DNA, improving the functioning of the cell by receiving in perfect condition the inheritance transmitted in cell division. In this way, it prolongs the proper functioning of skin cells.

At an extracellular level, it reinforces its matrix, thus the skin recovers its smoothness, volume, turgor, hydration and luminosity that usually decrease over time.

At the epidermis level, it helps cell regeneration and maintain optimal hydration, which is so important for balanced skin.

For the development of this program, ATACHE is inspired by the latest scientific cosmetic discoveries on telomerase to prolong the youth of skin cells, delaying their aging.

The Excellence Program thus stands as the leading professional treatment. It represents an option that satisfies even the most experienced skin in aesthetic treatments, since it is a comprehensive proposal for the repair of cell damage.

This great repairing power makes it the perfect choice to treat skin density, elasticity, firmness and inadequate nourishing.



Excellence Program is a solution of the latest dermocosmetics technology. Its incredible effects are prolonged not only at the level of the epidermis, but also at the cellular level and the extracellular matrix. It works on the skin cells from various perspectives, in such a way that it protects and prolongs cell life and the genetic information that guarantees the correct functioning of the skin. It also stimulates the synthesis of skin structural proteins and water retention.

Thanks to the incorporation of the innovative active Scutellaria baicalensis to its formula, among others, the Excellence Program manages to slow down the process of cellular senescence.

This professional program is ‘the jewel in the crown’ within the cabin facial services portfolio, as it offers a global response to facial aging, with visible results and without the need for other invasive aesthetic treatments.

We will apply the Excellence Program:

  • For mature skin that requires a global anti-aging treatment.
  • In patients who wish to delay skin ageing.
  • In skins used to receiving facial treatments or the most used anti-ageing active ingredients on the market, and who need to provide a new treatment to their skin.
  • In cases that present significant photodamage.
  • In patients who require a deep action treatment before being exposed to changes in temperature, solar radiation and other aggressions.




Excellence Program has a unique formulation, where in addition to respecting the ATACHE concept, which is always committed to the synergy of actions between the active ingredients of the formula to guarantee results, the innovation provided by the latest major research on skin ageing is introduced.

In the development of this program, the cornerstone has been the discovery of the application of the Root of Scutellaria baicalensis as a means of slowing down the ageing process. But, in addition, the formula incorporates active ingredients that independently guarantee numerous anti-aging effects, such as the recovery of volume, hydration, firmness and luminosity. Therefore, this program offers a 360º anti-aging action.