October: time to rescue your post-summer skin



Summer has been full of great times and wonderful experiences: holiday snaps, endless days of fun… Memories that will not only stay in your mind, but will also leave their mark on your skin. Now summer is coming to an end, it’s time to resume good habits and erase the harmful effects of the sun.

Increased sun exposure during the summer months has caused havoc on your complexion. UVB radiation has increased, as have daylight hours, and the resulting free radicals have inevitably left their mark on your skin. Now it looks dull and lacklustre, and maybe even some dark spots and wrinkles are more noticeable than before. In short, your skin is oxidised, dehydrated and photoaged.

One word springs to mind in this situation: antioxidants. These should be the main ingredient in your post-summer skin recovery recipe, so don’t miss the complete routine we recommend in this article.

1. The basics: cleansing and exfoliation
We know these steps are already part of your daily skin routine, both in winter and in summer, but now it’s time to put some extra effort into your cleansing ritual. We recommend the Japanese double cleanse to remove all facial impurities, a ritual that includes Total Makeup Remover, made with natural oils to sweep away the most stubborn make-up; Makeup Remover Gel, a gentle fragrance-free cleanser without any irritants; and Aqua Tonic, a hydrating and decongestive toner that restores a feeling of comfort and balances the skin’s pH level.

It’s also essential you exfoliate once or twice a week to remove all dead cells left by oxidative stress on the outermost layer of the epidermis.

2. Vitamin C: The key antioxidant
This should be the main ingredient you use to revitalise your complexion, neutralise free radicals and restore the DNA structure of your cells, which have been damaged by the sun. While ascorbic acid (pure vitamin C) is the most powerful and best-known antioxidant that exists, the formulas suggested below, especially when combined, increase the power of its action against oxidative stress.

– Night serum: Triple Antioxidant Night Protector, with L-ascorbic acid, vitamin E and lipoic acid. Three antioxidants which, together, increase their function both inside the cells and on cell membranes, providing the skin with the necessary defence against free radicals.
– Intensive complex: Blast C Antioxidant Cream, a combination of free and liposomal active ingredients (vitamin C, ferulic acid, rhodiola extract) and the innovative Pro Blast System, a probiotic cocktail that enhances skin renewal.
Complete your antioxidant routine with the CVital day cream or gel and eye cream.


3. Combat dark spots
Oxidative damage caused by too much sun sometimes causes dark spots on the cheeks, forehead or lips to intensify. If this has happened to you, start a depigmenting treatment in autumn with products from the Despigmen P3 line. Formulated based on the Kligman triad, with tyrosinase inhibitors (the main cause of excess melanin), exfoliating and anti-inflammatory agents, plus anti-pollution agents and Atache’s star ingredient: Polypodium leucotomos, a natural photoprotector and immuno-anti-inflammatory.

4. Keep wearing sunscreen
Remember, although UVB radiation increases in summer, UVA rays are constant all year round, and together with infrared radiation and visible light, they’re also responsible for sun damage. A broad-spectrum facial sunscreen that protects against these rays, such as Be Sun, will help prevent all the effects you’re trying to combat.

So, how will you rescue your skin after summer? Find out more about our products at www.atache.com or on Instagram @atache_es and share your experience with us.



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