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The Atache Spine Concept: The Backbone of Facial Care


At ATACHE we do what we love, and what we love is taking care of the skin. #TheAtacheSpineConcept is nothing more than a name for the vision and mission we have championed since our founding as far as our dermocosmetic products are concerned.

We have always known that when it comes to health, quality is better than quantity. That’s why we focus on creating a range for every skin need. Each of our products has a carefully considered formulation based on well-studied active ingredients with proven effectiveness. The formulas also feature active ingredients with a synergistic action that enhance results.

We know that not everyone has time to research the skin, active ingredients and brands. That is why our goal is to create effective, safe products, and to talk about them with honesty and simplicity, so that taking care of the skin is not a job, but a pleasure.

The skin is the human body’s largest organ, so it’s important to take care of it for more than just aesthetic reasons. That’s why we want to focus our efforts on providing information on skin conditions and the best weapons to restore it. #TheAtacheSpineConcept makes it easy for people to choose the ideal product for every moment/need.

The skin, regardless of what type it is, constantly changes due to factors such as stress, diet, habits, hormonal changes and even environmental changes. A dermocosmetic product may be wonderful in terms of active ingredients, formulation and results, but it may not be what your skin needs at the time. That’s why it’s so important to understand our own skin and learn to give it what it needs at each stage.

It is in this vein that we’ve launched our anti-ageing #SpineSerums. Each one has been designed to effectively solve a specific skin need and concern. We know that they are good and effective — now we just want to help people understand which one or which ones their skin needs at all times and help our users find the perfect match.

We want you to see how wonderful a cosmetic can be when it’s the right one for you. And we’re just getting started! If you want to know more about #TheAtacheSpineConcept, the #SpineSerums and the skin, follow us on our official social media profiles and/or subscribe to the newsletter. We look forward to seeing you!

Why is #TheAtacheSpineConcept the backbone of facial care?

The answer is simple: because it has a solution for each of the most common skin conditions, with a carefully designed formula, quality active ingredients with generous concentrations, and is simply structured to make choosing the right one easier.

But what is #TheAtacheSpineConcept? We’ll explain it by listing the skin’s needs.

The first step of facial care is a deep but gentle cleanse to protect the skin’s balance. That’s why the first vertebra, and the foundation, of #TheAtacheSpineConcept is the Essentielle line. This first range is based on the Korean double-cleansing ritual and formulated with very mild and/or natural active ingredients. Clean skin is synonymous with healthy skin, but it’s also much more receptive to active ingredients and their effects. Click to read more.

Before applying anti-ageing active ingredients to the skin, it needs to be clean and stable, too. That’s why the following vertebrae are:

The Oily Sk line, which focuses on solving all problems caused by excess sebum: combination skin, oily skin, acne-prone skin and even acne breakouts. This range features cleansing products, balancers, purifiers, moisturisers, acne dryers, masks, etc. Everything you need to restore your skin’s stability. Click here to discover it.

Dark spots are even more common than acne, so our DespigmenP3 line is an exceptional complement to anti-ageing treatments. But if pigmentation is your main concern, it’s best to build an effective depigmenting routine first. This range includes a night serum, an occasional cream for localised dark spots, a day cream with SPF50+ and a body depigmenting milk! Click here to go to Despigmen P3.

Sensitive skin is becoming increasingly common, due to air pollution, lifestyle, etc. Soft Derm is a delicate range formulated with thermal water and mostly natural active ingredients, featuring a subtle rose aroma. It includes products aimed at restoring problems derived from sensitive skin: dryness, tightness, itching, flaking, etc.

What’s more, its active ingredients make it a great range for skincare beginners, as it’s ideal for skin that’s in good condition to prevent the first signs of ageing and keep it well-hydrated and nourished.

Now that the skin’s been stabilised, you can move on to the anti-ageing products.

Your first port of call should be antioxidants. For that, there’s nothing better than CVital. Formulated with pure and stable Vitamin C, we were the first in Europe to incorporate this powerhouse antioxidant into a cosmetic product! You can see the newspaper clippings on our story (link). This range is aimed at neutralising free radicals, preventing cellular oxidation and thereby boosting the skin’s vitality and glow. It’s an ideal starter anti-ageing option, but we also recommend combining it throughout life with other routines, since antioxidants protect your skin and always come in handy! Free radicals are an interesting subject — we invite you to visit the CVital tab to learn more about how they work.

As time goes by, our skin loses its natural hyaluronic acid, its collagen and elastin degrade and our facial expressions solidify on our face. Lift Therapy tackles these problems by targeting sagging and loss of smoothness, using hyaluronic acid, tightening peptides and other active ingredients that stimulate the synthesis of structural proteins.

There’s little else we’ll need to tell you about Vital Age when you know that its formulation features a generous concentration of pure Retinol and Coenzyme Q10. A powerful anti-ageing line that attacks wrinkles, expression lines and dark spots, among other wonders, which you can discover by visiting the page.

Finally, Excellence, as its name suggests, is the highest level of anti-ageing treatment there is. It combats skin ageing with a concept based on cellular DNA and telomere shortening. This is a technical yet very interesting topic, and we encourage you to read more about it in the Excellence tab.

Of course, you can’t do skincare without sun protection. Sun care is vital even if you’re not using any cosmetic active ingredients or even cleansing your skin thoroughly. But everyone knows that! So, in the future we’ll talk more about BeSun, the range that’s not featured in #TheAtacheSpineConcept — just as we don’t need to tell you to drink water ;).

Follow us on social media to keep up to date about #TheAtacheSpineConcept and learn all about your skin’s needs!

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