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Korean double facial cleansing: What it is, routine, steps and products to use.


Have you already incorporated the Korean double facial cleansing into your routine? If you haven’t yet, in this post we tell you everything you need to know to start today It will become an addiction!

Those of us who love facial care know that it has two cornerstones, sun protection and daily cleansing. But did you know that you can take makeup removal to the highest level?

Korean double cleansing is the answer! It is important to know that it is not about cleansing the face twice, but cleansing it in two different “ways”. What this routine proposes is to first use a cleansing oil (oil-based) to remove lipophilic residues (oils,), and then use a water-based cleanser to remove the remaining residues (water-soluble).

In this way we achieve a comprehensive cleansing of the face, which improves its state of health, avoids pore blockages/inflammation due to dirt, and increases the effectiveness of the active ingredients applied afterwards.

The recipe is very simple: facial cleansing oil + cleansing gel + toner.

As you may know, ATACHE was born in the field of professional use. So, it’s been almost two decades since we designed a complete line, to ensure the most effective face cleansing, based on the Korean double cleansing concept: Essentielle.

But what are the steps to follow and which products are optimal? We tell you below:

PRODUCT: Total Makeup Remover, a make-up remover oil, is a facial cleanser without competition, and it has extra benefits! It is formulated with natural oils such as carrot oil, it is emulsifiable, that is, it mixes naturally with water; you can also use it as a skin restoring mask and as if that were not enough, it strengthens the eyelashes! Because yes, it is suitable for eye make-up removal and the most sensitive skins…at ATACHE we don’t give stitches without thread.

STEP 1: Apply Total Makeup Remover to the palm of your hand. Add a few drops of water or toner and mix to emulsify. This will create a kind of milk that you should spread over your face, neck and décolleté, with your fingers or with the help of a disc or a sponge, using circular movements. Then clean with water and, if desired, disposable towels or sponges.

PRODUCT: ATACHE’s cleansing gels turn into foam when emulsified with water or toner, are formulated with extra-gentle cleansers and offer the skin a fresh and comfortable finish. Makeup Remover Gel from the Essentielle line is suitable for all skin types and is fragrance-free. Sensitive Cleanser from the Soft Derm line is particularly gentle on sensitive skin and has an elegant rose scent. Cleansing Gel from the Oily SK line contains chlorhexidine and active ingredients such as salicylic acid, which, in addition to cleansing, helps to regulate sebum in oily, combination and/or acne-prone skin.

STEP 2: Emulsify the Makeup Remover Gel/Sensitive Cleanser/ Cleansing Gel (depending on your skin’s needs) with the toner. You can do this in the palm of your hand or in a bowl. Apply to your face in circular motions to cleanse. Cleanse your skin with water, and if you prefer, you can use towels, sponges or discs, preferably disposable or very well sanitized.

After this step you should tone your skin by applying a toner such as Aqua Tonic or Aqua Defense on your face and gently patting it with your fingertips.

What do you think, did you find this post useful, do you want to try the Korean double facial cleansing with ATACHE?

If you are a dermo-cosmetic professional, we invite you to visit our professional cleansing protocol. You won’t be disappointed!

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  • Hello. I was found out about your cosmetics from Ukraine dermatologist Ischenko Ksenia. She made a beauty blog where recommended haw to use Atache products. I have bought all line for myself and I’m very happy for first results and not only me, my friends also. Do you have a on line course or may be in Alicante you have study protocols of using all your cosmetics. I’m very interested to be your student as for myself also for my friends recommends.

    • Lorena Martínez
      2 de March de 2023 10:16

      Dear Olena, Many thanks you for your comment, we are pleased you like our products!
      We are not currently running any training courses, but you can check our protocols in this section:
      Follow us on Instagram to find out about all the training and events we are running
      @atache_dermatalogical_care @atache_academy


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