This is the definitive pure Vitamin C Serum. We tell you why it is one of the best!

A pure vitamin C serum that really works? Yes, we know that it is more difficult to find than it may seem. For this reason, today we want to tell you why ours is undoubtedly one of the best.

Biological Triple Antioxidant Night protector from CVital is an antioxidant serum with pure and stable vitamin C, vitamin E and lipoic acid. As a whole, its active ingredients, formulation, format and results, is perfect. Those who have tried it already know it very well!

Its glow effect is incredible, it prevents premature ageing, restores luminosity and juiciness to the face, and best of all, its results are appreciated from the first applications!

But what is it that makes it so special?

Pure and stable vitamin C

Did you know that ATACHE was one of the first laboratories to include pure vitamin C in a cosmetic?. Vitamin C is much more effective when it is pure, but it is a very unstable molecule so it oxidises quickly. As expected, when it rusts it loses its effectiveness. That is why it is so important but so difficult to stabilize it.

In 1995 we launched the first version of this pure vitamin C serum on the market, and since then it has not stopped succeeding!

*Visit our history to see press clippings from those times.

The rest of the active ingredients of the serum

Vitamin C is undoubtedly the star antioxidant, it stimulates collagen synthesis, reactivates cell renewal, softens the skin and even reduces melanin production. But vitamin E is not far behind, it is a biological protector, it enhances its effects when combined with vitamin C, it protects against UV radiation and even has a positive effect in reducing erythema.

Finally, Alpha-lipoic Acid, which recycles vitamins E and C, increases CoQ10 levels, improves microcirculation, reinforces the skin’s barrier function, etc. It is not in vain that it receives the name of “universal antioxidant”.

You already know that the ingredients of this serum are wonderful, but what about the recipe?

Its exquisite formulation

has been designed to maximize the antioxidant effect. Pure vitamin C acts inside the cell, vitamin E acts on the membrane and lipoic acid, in addition to acting on both, drags the vitamins deeper.

The double airless format

As we have already told you, stabilizing and maintaining Pure Vitamin C in that state is very difficult. For this reason, this serum is presented in two containers, to guarantee the stability of the formula and the power of the active ingredients. In addition, avoiding contact with the air reduces the degradation of the active ingredients! One of the airless, the fluid, incorporates Vitamin E and lipoic acid. The other airless, the serum, incorporates pure and stable Vitamin C. It is at the time of applying them, when you must mix them.

Adjustable dose

Your skin doesn’t always need the same thing, sometimes it’s drier, oilier, more sensitive, tighter, scaly, etc. This means that you have to rest from certain products or alternate them with others, even if you like them less. Thanks to the fact that Biological Triple Antioxidant Night protector comes in a double format,you can combine different proportions of the serum and the fluid, so that it always adapts perfectly to the needs of your face.

The results

That our motto is “Get Results” is no coincidence. In general, we formulate the products seeking to optimize the synergy of active ingredients, to maximize the results that we claim, but the truth is that with this pure vitamin C serum, we have excelled! And if you don’t believe us, you just have to get a sample and let your skin tell you. After a few days of application, the results begin to show. We don’t want to exaggerate, but sometimes an application is enough 😉

In conclusion, if you are a lover of vitamin C, if you love antioxidant products, if you have not yet found the serum that really works for you or if your skin is your top priority, you have to try Biological Triple Antioxidant Night Protector from CVital!! We assure you that it is a path of no return. You will no longer be able to live without it!

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