The Science Behind Excellence’s “Youth-Extending” Slogan

Indeed, striking as it may be, this is how we wanted to define the action of Excellence’s Advance Repair Cream: Youth-Extending. And it is not just another advertising slogan. Let’s explain you how its main ingredient works and its antiaging results.

As you know, cells in our body regenerate continuously. This process is called the cell cycle and basically consists of the growth of the cell and its division into two daughter cells.

In the case of the skin, fibroblasts, responsible for the creation of collagen, are the cells that are related to the structure of the skin tissue, its firmness and elasticity. And like all cells, they also duplicate and regenerate from the moment we are born until we reach the stage of old age.

Over time, this ability of cells to duplicate or replicate decreases and is what we know as cellular senescence or aging. To give you an idea, fibroblasts can duplicate on average 50 times during their lifetime, while from the age of 30, the number of duplications is reduced by 10% every decade.

But why is this happening? As you can imagine, the role of DNA in this process is vital, since it is the one that provides the genetic information necessary for this division to take place and, specifically, a part of the DNA called telomere is the main responsible.

Telomeres are the ends of the chromosomes that form the DNA and which are shortened after each cell partition. When its size is considerably reduced after many duplications, there comes a time when that cell cannot replicate anymore and therefore dies.

But a discovery, worthy of a Nobel prize, shed a light of hope to slow down this process. This discovery was the telomerase, the enzyme that feeds telomeres and makes them maintain their length and be able to withstand more cell replications over the years.

If that was the key to slowing down aging, all we had to do was to find a substance capable of promoting telomerase in our body, and that’s what we did. As a result of a thorough research, it has been possible to detect a moiety of the roots of the baicalein plant (Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi) which fulfilled this function.

And as you can imagine, baicalin is the main ingredient in the Advance Repair Cream. In-vitro studies regarding this ingredient have demonstrated its ability to activate the telomerase promoter (TERT) in human fibroblasts, as well as in-vivo studies have proven the effect this increase in telomerase has on the skin.

The most significant results showed that the treated cells performed 5 additional cell divisions from the moment the untreated cells entered into senescence, that is, from their approximately 50th doubling. In conclusion, baicalin-treated fibroblasts replicated 10% more in this study.

As we have mentioned before, fibroblasts duplicate 10% less each decade and, with this ingredient, they duplicate 10% more; cellular senescence is delayed and we can talk about “youth-extending.

This effect translates into visible efficacy on the face: 13% increase in skin restructuring, 12.5% ​​more firmness and 12.4% more elasticity, according to the parameters measured in the in vivo study.

If we add to the Advance Repair Cream, in addition to baicalin, other ingredients acting synergistically to stimulate collagen, elastin and repairing of DNA, we can say that we will obtain an antiaging, renewing and restructuring effect on the skin. Now you know this secret, try it and get the results!

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